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Take you home to have an adventure.
Living is. be is a fantastic converted truck which maybe a typical solution for small space.

Product-use test

This product-use test which I have done is aim to define the problem when people use a multifunctional product without instuction book.

I selected 3 multifunctional products and 6 people to achieve the test.
They were asked to do some simple tasks by using these products which they never use before.

Intuitive Design

Nowadays, products are getting more complex. Too many consumers complained that their products too
difficult to use and the process is annoying. Whether a product can tell the user how to operate by itself? The answer should be yes. How? By it color, shape or texture? Maybe the answer is intuitive design.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin formed design studio Industrial Facility in 2002 to explore the junction between product and space. As Colin said" something that drives a lot of our work is the connection between product and lanscape." A lot of works that they have done are for small space such as Muji phone and the Kitchen Concept for Whirlpool.

Backgroud of topic

Small space:

Nowadays, the personal space is getting smaller. Because the household type is changing from three-generation household to single-person household. According to National Statistics, one person households are projected to increase by 163,000 per year, equating to two-thirds of the overall increase in households.
                               Projected number of households by household type, England

Introduction of project

The story starts from a Sony radio clock which is secondhand without an instruction manual. From its appearance, I can understand this product contains three functions: alarm, clock and radio. When I plugged this clock into the power, I did not know how to set the time, alarm clock, or how to adjust the radio. After trying a while, I totally gave up, until my friend who is learning engineering helped me to use that. However until now I still don’t know how to operate it because the process is annoying.


Hello everyone, this is Robin. In this blog I will show my MA project design which will be focused on multifunctional products in small space.
I am happy to see any comments. Have a nice day.