Product-use test

This product-use test which I have done is aim to define the problem when people use a multifunctional product without instuction book.

I selected 3 multifunctional products and 6 people to achieve the test.
They were asked to do some simple tasks by using these products which they never use before.



Outcome analysis:

From this product-use test, I try to find the reasons of their behavior. Here are some point as follow:

  • As less button as possible:  in the Sony radio clock and HP priner, I found that these two products contain too much buttons which will confused the user and he might make a mistake.
  • Good mood will be better: at the first test, when some users cannot operate the product, they came up with negative emotion. One of them started shaking the product, the other one said " this product designed badly". Keeping a clear mind is difficult when they operate this product. 

1 comment:

  1. I agree most printers usually have too many buttons which aren't clear enough. This isn't a problem on my wi-fi printer as I don't have to use any buttons, it works straight from my computer. I think having a screen makes work easier - how did people react to the iPhone?

    You could also try using a DAB radio. I tried this with my last project and it was impossible to use without instructions.