Intuitive Design

Nowadays, products are getting more complex. Too many consumers complained that their products too
difficult to use and the process is annoying. Whether a product can tell the user how to operate by itself? The answer should be yes. How? By it color, shape or texture? Maybe the answer is intuitive design.

Naoto Fukasawa, one of my favorite designer who is a expert of intuitive design area. Maybe this Japaness designer not very famous for everyone. but he is The Designer Who Inspired Intel and Apple.

In the article "Naoto Fukasawa: Intuiting function from form", the British designer Jasper Morrison said "Naoto's great skill is in combining humor, concept and function into a package, which seems so natural that it is accessible to us all immediately and without instructions. He communicates an object's purpose on an intuitive level, and we somehow receive his message with a mixture of the pleasure of understanding something clever, and the satisfaction of mastering a new piece of equipment."

 Let's have a look of his projects.

fruit juice packages
Muji CD Player
Tea Bag

The  phenonmenons exsit but people didnt notice that:
From Naoto's work, we can see most of his products having a archetype. The form of these products can arouse consumers five sense and joint their memory. Though users' former experience or memory, they can use these product "without thinking" and the action is spontaneous.
In my opinion, Naoto's design looks like a jigsaw game. The product match the environment, people's behavior and memory.

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  1. I really like the fruit juice packaging! It seems so simple and intuitive without needing text or images to show the user how to open it. He seems very inspired by natural form.