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Small space:

Nowadays, the personal space is getting smaller. Because the household type is changing from three-generation household to single-person household. According to National Statistics, one person households are projected to increase by 163,000 per year, equating to two-thirds of the overall increase in households.
                               Projected number of households by household type, England

Three group people should responsible for this change

-The increasing divorce people
-People who get marriage later
-Young students leave home to university

How to design a product to be appropriate for small space?
In addition, the small space is one factor that leads to multifunctional products.

Multifunctional product:

Products are getting complex in these decades and the process will keep on in the future. With the technology development, diverse products are created to satisfy humans’ physical and mental need. A variety of companies and organizations try their best to add new technology to their products in order to boost market share.

For example,

 mobile phone


Whether the user can keep the same pace with the continuous renewable product?

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